Are your event staff motivated?

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Lead from the front

The ‘Head Chef’ is often seen as the most important part of a restaurant or event staff, the ‘super power’ in the team, and yes, sure enough the chef is vitally important.  However, whether you’re a high end eatery or a huge city event, your front of house staff plays an incredibly important role communicating your offering to diners and drinkers whilst also creating just the right atmosphere and showcasing your food. Therefore, the quality of your front of house staff is paramount to determining the difference between a great customer experience, and a mediocre one. Having the right staff to take care of customers, provide warm, engaging and informative experience is only part of the puzzle, and learning how to motivate them and lead from the front is vital.

Front of house have a pivotal role in captivating and engaging guests, therefore they need to be warmed up, primed, informed and enthusiastic. I Need Event Staff HQ want to share some great tips so that you can ensure a smooth service or event with a well prepped and fully motivated team.

Be prepared

 It’s crucial that you are prepared to brief your team. List everything the staff need to be told before lights up, and be methodical about your approach to delivering the information. Be relaxed, ready, and don’t rush. You don’t want to send your staff into service, agitated and anxious, having forgotten everything you tried to tell them, because you were unprepared to prepare them.


Be clear

Set a time and place for staff briefings and make sure everyone knows where and when that is. Email this information along with the menu, cocktail list and any changes, to your team 24hrs before service. This will ensure that when you run the team briefing everyone will be fully aware of what’s to be served.

Be there

It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed with work before kick-off, but make sure you are at the briefing ten minutes before the arranged start time. Grab a drink, chat to your staff, make conversation, find out how they are.  A great leader will possess sincere enthusiasm, integrity, loyalty, empowerment and charisma among other qualities. Let your staff see these in you. To build a great atmosphere in your restaurant or at your event, you need the team to be calm, happy and passionate about what they are about to deliver.


‘It’s clear that many leaders are failing to foster a sense of trust and loyalty in their employees. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. Managers who show great leadership qualities can inspire their teams to accomplish amazing things’ – Daniel Wang, the creator of Loopring Protocol


Have fun

One of the most important aspects of running a team of event staff is to ensure everyone is relaxed and ready to showcase what you have on offer. Being real and having fun is all part and parcel of having a great working environment, with happy and motivated staff. Make briefings fun and not a tedious part of the day that your front of house staff has to endure.


Taste Test

 Once the menu has been cleared, it’s a great idea to make sure the front of house staff has tasted and understood the food and drink.  Ask them questions like ‘where is this wine from?’, ‘where does our beef come from?’, ‘what does it taste like?’ ‘what is the liquor in this cocktail?’ Make sure the whole team is involved. You might need to encourage some staff members more than others, but you know your team, and how best they are motivated. Get the kitchen staff, bar staff and front of house all involved in the tasting. Discuss the dishes, the motivation behind their creation and the origin of the ingredients.


Your event staff are ready for service 

Your front of house staff is the face of your business and the only way you can make sure they are delivering the best possible experience to your customers, is by keep them informed, happy and motivated. I Need Event Staff  are experts in delivering high quality staffing solutions to hotels, catering companies, restaurants, bars and private events, and we’re ready to help you with your staffing needs.  We’d love to answer your questions on finding the best team possible for you, so please feel free to get in touch.

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