Brisbane / Gold Coast Now Open!


I Need A Chef are now proudly servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and other areas in Queensland requiring recruitment of both temporary and permanent hospitality staff. We are responding to an increased demand from well respected catering establishments that are seeking competent, skilled chefs and other kitchen staff. We enjoy a great relationship with our clients, who rely on our thorough assessment to provide the right people for the right jobs.

We welcome Sebastian Forcone on board as our Queensland area manager, to look after our recruitment and job placements up north. He is a qualified chef with both FOH and BOH experience, has a certificate IV in business administration and regularly keeps in touch with home base in Melbourne. Sebastian is well liked and people genuinely enjoy dealing with him, a quality that, combined with his experience, was really important to us.

If you want to join a successful team and utilise your professional hospitality skills, why not register with us for some rewarding temporary placements or perhaps even find your dream role?

Register here.

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