Event industry trends looking to shape 2019

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Are you ready to make a statement event in 2019? Here are a few of the event industry trends you can expect to see in the new year.

At I Need Event Staff we know first-hand that the event industry needs to keep ahead of the game, and one way to do that is to look ahead at the upcoming event industry trends. Looking ahead, and at the same time learning from past events is a skill shared by the best event planners in the industry.

Staying on top of event industry trends and using them with precision is key to creating perfect events in 2019!

Guests are super savvy and more demanding than ever before. They want a fantastic event experience in terms of content, healthy, well prepared food, and interesting locations.

Here’s a little of what’s hot in the events industry for 2019

Innovative tech is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must

Incorporating technology into an event space isn’t new by any means. However, the way you are getting your guests to interact with it is. Guests are becoming more and more tech savvy and they know what they want. They expect their needs to be met with the help of some high-tech strategic event planning that smoothly connects them to your content. Whether it’s facial recognition technology on entry, or easy translation through international guest’s phones, using top technology at your event is an absolute must! Chatbots will be leading the way in 2019 answering guest’s questions whilst at events, and providing instant solutions on your behalf.


Styling must make a statement

Everyone expects something even better than last year! We’ve seen a huge rise in creative venues and this is not slowing down.  2019 is all about bespoke events, new designs, unique, majestic venues, and locations with the extra wow factor. When it comes to colour, 2019 is all about bold shades. Ultraviolet, looks like it will remain popular in 2019. Focus is on creating memorable experiences. Choosing venues beyond the norm in 2019 is going to work in your favour.  Using local artists, musicians and food is a great way to celebrate your surroundings. Unconventional meeting and event venues which create unforgettable memories, will translate into a huge return on investment if executed correctly.

Be Social Savvy

There’s no denying that social media has become a staple at events. Using this to your advantage is an absolute must. Plan your social media strategy, and set the wheels in motion well in advance.  Tip: use hashtags well prior to your event to build a buzz. Creating truly memorable experiences that lend themselves to photos and sharing is where the magic will happen. Create moments that your guests can’t help but share.

Food must cater to even the most diverse needs.

With more and more people expecting total transparency when it comes to their food, utilising local produce will be a winner. 2019 will be all about health and wellbeing when it comes to eating, so menu options that do the body good will be top!

Food trends are bringing plenty more vegan options to the table, and people expect to see healthy food, which has been well prepared. Start thinking about your healthy, vegetarian, and alcohol free options.

Keeping up with the ever changing event industry trends is never easy, however, in order to keep on creating those memorable events for your guests, it’s important to rise to the challenge.

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