The top five things to think about when hiring temporary event staff

temporary event staff

Do you have an important event coming up that needs staffing? Here’s our list of the top five things to think about when hiring temporary event staff.

1. Identify what type of staff you need.

The type of event staff you require will depend on what kind of event you are hosting. Are you holding a cocktail party which needs wait staff and bar staff? Or is your event held during work hours, requiring boardroom staff? Think carefully about the roles you need filled and the type of skills they require, this will ensure you can hire the best temporary event staff for your specific needs.

2. Plan ahead and decide quickly

To ensure your event is stress free and runs smoothly, it’s important to hire the staff you need early. Once you know the number of invited attendees you will be able to estimate the amount of staff you may need. Ensure your agency knows how many temporary event staff you need (at the most), and hire them early so you will not be understaffed on the day.

3. Hire temporary event staff that fit in with your brand

Your event staff will be the face of your event and brand. It is important that you hire temporary staff that fit in with your style and image.

4. Be upfront with what the job entails

Ensure you are honest about the role and its responsibilities. Make sure you give a clear picture of what your temporary event staff may be doing, good and bad, as this can help avoid unnecessary stress on the day. If your event staff know what to expect they can be prepared.

5. Treat staff how you would like to be treated

Your event staff are an essential part of the team. They are there to help you run your event, and they want it to be successful too! Always treat people with respect and consideration. If you build a positive working relationship, you may even hire the same staff for your next event in the future.

The team at I Need Event Staff are here to help you make your event a success. Recently we have supplied temporary event staff to a variety of functions in Sydney including events hosting Kylie Minogue and Bryan Adams. Our chefs have also been busy working with a catering company, on a boat through Sydney Harbour, with celebrity chef Miguel Maestra. Whatever your event, there is nothing too large or too small for our temporary event staff. Get in touch today!

Credit: Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash