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Do you need Event Staff who will make a great impression at your next event?

Are you searching for that special team who will take your upcoming corporate dinner to the next level? Thinking of using a Hospitality Agency? Well look no further!

Here at I Need Event Staff Hospitality Agency we know it can be time consuming and expensive to find and hire the right staff to fit your event. That is why we take our time and match you with the best available candidates from the start. We know the importance of having hospitality staff that will turn up on time, work hard and give that professional edge. We also know what else you need to be looking for!


Use this magic list of ‘must haves’ when hiring hospitality staff and you will find exactly who you are looking for.


  1. The Ability to be Resourceful

Nobody wants to hire staff who have to be led by the hand throughout an event.  The perfect candidate will be someone who thinks quickly, uses their initiative and gets the job done. When you’re hiring event staff, one of the most important factors to consider is their experience in being resourceful and leading by example. I Need Event Staff Hospitality Agency recommend that during the recruitment process, you ask them about their ability to think on their feet, ask for examples of when they have had to do this, and give them a scenario to work out there and then!


  1. Great communication skills

In any professional capacity, communication skills are highly sought-after, and there’s a reason for that. With great communication skills comes reliability and a level of professionalism that’s greatly needed and respected at events and promotions.

No matter what event your staff are required for, they need to be able to communicate with you and their colleagues effectively.

  1. Passion and drive

Passion is a huge ‘YES’ when hiring event staff! There is nothing worse than flat looking staff, especially when, let’s face it, they are representing your brand. In order that your business is well represented in public, choosing passionate staff who will go above and beyond to sell your company is crucial to the impact of your event. There’s no denying that passionate staff work harder for you, which in turn means better promotion for your business.


  1. The enthusiasm to impress

Event staff need to be on the ball. They have to know what your clients need, even before they need it. Candidates who want to impress are much more likely to push themselves that little bit further. They will make sure they are well groomed, prepped and ready to deliver for your business. Someone who is optimistic, encouraging, generous and happy will always add value to an event.

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