What is a hospitality staff agency looking for?

hospitality staff agency

The hospitality industry is an exciting and rewarding place to work, and whether you are looking for work behind a bar, waiting tables, working at events or behind the scenes in ticketing and promotions, there are a few key attributes that a hospitality staff agency is looking for. If you want to secure the right role for you, read on for the qualities and skills you should aim to hold.

Training and qualifications

Whilst there are many roles that can be learned on the job, the hospitality staff that tend to get the best jobs and move into more senior positions are the ones that have gained recognised qualifications and specialised training at a school or university.

Gain experience

In hospitality, experience counts for a lot! Try to get as much as you can so that you can refine your skills. The more experience you have, the better your chances are at securing a position with a hospitality staff agency.

Get the relevant certificates

If you want to work at any event, bar or restaurant serving alcohol, then you must have a current RSA certificate. Alternatively, you may also need to complete a food handling or food safety certificate. All of these courses can be completed quickly and even online. Visit our staff room for more information.

Reliability and dependability

A hospitality staff agency is always looking for reliable staff. They want to ensure that the staff they recommend is dependable and will turn up to a job on time. This is not only a reflection on you but also on the agency, and if you build up a good reputation then this could lead to more event jobs in the future. 

Be friendly

Often, you will be the face of a company you are working for. It’s important to not only look presentable but to also smile and be friendly. When you are interacting with the public, you are not only representing your employer but your hospitality staff agency as well.

Credit: Photos by Jia Jiam Shum on Unsplash