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Chefs and kitchen staff

No event is complete without good food. And good food doesn’t happen without a skilled kitchen brigade!

  • Wide range of temporary chefs and kitchen staff
  • We can provide experienced chefs anywhere in Australia
  • Affordable rates and fast turnaround
  • Temporary and permanent solutions available

I Need Event Staff understands because we've been there. We recognise how hard it can be to host a great event when you’re short-staffed, whether it’s a case of an unexpected absence or an event that requires a larger team than you employ.

We can happily provide you with chefs and kitchen staff when you need an extra pair of hands during a busy period or exciting event!

Our kitchen staff have well-rounded skills to assist with any aspect of a busy kitchen, including food preparation, plating up, kitchen set up, and cleaning.

Hire our chefs and kitchen staff to enjoy...


Fast turnaround

Thanks to our technology and understanding of hospitality, we’re able to provide staff with minimal downtime, allowing us to respond to urgent requests if needed.


Experienced staff

All of our chefs and kitchen staff have very different skills and preferences. Its our job to make sure we place them in the right roles. With our consultants being from hospitality backgrounds themselves its something we are very good at! 


Comprehensive solutions

In addition to one-offs and individuals, we can also provide entire kitchen brigades  - it all depends on what you need!


Need A Chef?

Sometimes you book an event that’s simply too large for your existing team of chefs to handle.

Food slows down, you develop a backlog and you’re left with dissatisfied guests and a poor impression of your hotel, venue or catering business.

It’s the last thing you want happening - luckily, it’s also an outcome that can be easily avoided when you give our hospitality agency a call!

All our chefs are fully qualified and have been through our rigorous interview and recruitment process, allowing us to fill vacancies in your kitchen at the drop of a hat.

Our database of chefs have experience working in all sorts of hospitality businesses both big and small. Tell us what sort of food and menu the client has requested for their event, and we’ll select someone who can immediately get to work.

Find out more at our sister site, I Need A Chef.


Need Kitchen Staff?

Even the best chef will struggle to keep up without a small army of kitchen staff backing them up!

Worried you don’t have a large enough team to keep the kitchen running during your next event? If so, we want to hear from you!

In addition to providing chefs, we can fill all sorts of kitchen roles with casual hospitality workers. That includes kitchen staff like catering assistants, porters and kitchen hands if required.

We’ll ensure that you’re never short on essential ingredients, that the clean dishes keep on rolling and that all the other essential kitchen tasks are looked after.

Ongoing solutions & urgent requirements

Many of our clients work with us on an ongoing basis, engaging our experienced chefs and kitchen staff during busy seasons or to cope with large-scale events.

They keep us on speed dial and ring the moment a major event is booked with them. They fill us in on how many tops are expected, the type of cuisine on offer and what their availability looks like.

Based on this information, we will connect them with an experienced chef (or team of chefs) depending on their needs.

However, this isn’t the only time you may need a temporary chef - in many cases, you may also need temporary chefs and kitchen staff to deal with:

  • Absences
  • Emergencies
  • Unexpected changes to the booking

Our hospitality agency is able to supply venues and businesses like yours with experienced chefs and staff with minimal lead time.

All our chefs are fully qualified and have already been through our rigorous interview and recruitment process.

We come from an extensive background in kitchens - this makes us extremely picky when deciding which chefs and kitchen staff we engage for your event or commercial kitchen!

Combine that with our simple-to-use online system, and we can dramatically cut down on the amount of time it takes to fill a vacancy in your kitchen.

And what if you’re looking for something on a more permanent basis? Luckily for you, we’re more than happy to accommodate!

To learn more, visit I Need A Chef.

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We believe we have one of the best call out rates for chefs and kitchen staff in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, yet we remain open to discussing different pricing structures that work for your establishment .

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