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I Need Event Staff are ready to give you the perfect Sydney event staff! The success of your next event depends on the staff you hire.

We know perfect staff are a crucial element to your event!

Have you ever hired event staff to create the right feel to an event, only to see them checking their phones whilst sipping on a beer out the back? If the answer is yes, then you know just how important finding the right event staff can be. To ensure your clients have the perfect event it’s crucial you find the perfect team to set the mood. That’s where I Need Event Staff can help with perfect Sydney event staff.

How can we help?

  • I Need Event Staff can help you hire staff who represent the right image for your business

The staff you hire for your next event, be it conference, banquet or exhibition will be the face of your company on that day. They will help you build on existing relationships and create new ones with potential clients. I Need Event Staff can help with communicating your vision so that the staff know exactly what’s expected of them. It’s a good idea for you to also ask potential candidates how they will represent your brand, and turn your vision into a reality.


  • Ask us for recommendations from our past clients!

Nothing can beat a recommendation from a trusted company. Before you start searching for Sydney event staff, why not ask the people we’ve already worked for?


  • Need more than perfect staff?

Our event staff must fit certain criteria and have previous experience in hospitality, but we know that sometimes you may need more than perfect staff? At I Need Event Staff we pride ourselves on our decision-making skills, clear protocol knowledge, and positive, outgoing attitudes as well as the ability to find the perfect fit for your business events.

‘Staffing is an integral part to organising any event; these are the people who have the power to change the way that your event is perceived.’


  • Choose Sydney event staff with experience

All of our staff have experience and understand what’s expected of them.  We always offer staff who have previous experience because they have a better understanding of the job they’re expected to do. Our experience in staffing many large industry events means that we have created important connections and have a large database of potentially perfect staff for you.

I Need Event Staff will cater to your specific needs

•It’s really important to think about these key areas before hiring event staff.

  • What size will the event be?
  • How long will it go for? Days, weeks?
  • What are the daily hours you will need event staff for?
  • Who/ How many will be attending?

(Knowing your attendees means we can build a team to fit your event perfectly. Try to think about gender, age, cultural diversity and experience level of your target audience. (e.g. Younger staff will understand youngsters at your event as they have a better understanding of their behavioural patterns)).


  • Do you need staff who will work well with existing team members

Before calling I Need Event Staff make sure you have thought about these key elements for recruiting the perfect person/people if they are to join an existing team.

*Do they have the same attitudes?

*Will their personalities complement one another?

* Is your current team comfortable with your decision?

Once your goals are clear I Need Event Staff will better understand and work to your needs. This will also enable us to determine the ideal number of staff you will need to create a seamless event for your business.

We really look forward to hearing from you!

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