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Personal event staff

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You shouldn’t be spending all your time worried about hosting, seating arrangements, running food and topping up drinks!

Get your time back and chill out !  Leave all the grunt work in the hands of a professional hospitality agency.

You'll be able to relax and enjoy the event you're hosting, knowing your party is in capable hands.

  • Spend more time with your guests instead of hidden in the kitchen!
  • We’ll take care of everything without the expense of traditional caters 
  • Give your guests the best possible service and a great lasting impression


Your wedding is a special day - why not engage our personal waiters to help run your reception and keep guests satisfied?



Happy birthday to you! Consider hiring a personal waiter, bartender or other event staff to keep your celebration running smoothly.


Dinner parties

Add some class to your dinner party with I Need Event Staff. Enjoy your evening just as your guests will!


Engagement parties

Celebrate your engagement in style. Make your special day just that little bit more memorable with I Need Event Staff.


BBQs and cocktail parties

Keep your attention on entertaining your guests, and not on working the grill! Let our personal wait staff take care of the food and beverage service.


Date night

Take ‘date night’ to a whole new level with your very own personal chef, cooking up some delicious cuisine for you and your special someone in your home.

Personal waiters and kitchen staff for private functions

Imagine being able to sit back and relax with your guests during your event, knowing that it's in safe hands.

With I Need Event Staff, that's a dream come true.

I Need Event Staff provides personal event staff for private parties and functions - no event is too small or intimate for us.

With our experienced wait staff looking after every important element of your evening, you can spend more time with your guests rather than sweating it out behind the scenes.

Our dedicated floor staff will make sure your event runs smoothly, serving food and drinks promptly and professionally, and taking care of your guests' every need.

To complete the experience, we'll take care of the clean-up, leaving everything just as we found it.

Trust us - once you've hosted with personal wait staff, you'll never go back!


Professional event staff

All of our wait staff comes from a long and successful history in the hospitality industry. We only select the very best for your event, meaning you can be sure that your celebration is in good hands.


Any type of function

From large celebrations to the most intimate of dinners… no event is too big or too small for our staff. We’re committed to ensuring you have the best possible event, whatever the occasion!


We can do it all

Want to take all of the planning off your hands? With I Need Event Staff, you can! We supply entire teams of hospitality staff, covering everything from chefs and waiters to bar staff who keep drinks topped up all night.

Need a role filled urgently?

Luckily for you, filling urgent shifts is our specialty here at I Need Event Staff.

  • Has your caterer had to cancel at the last minute?
  • Has the relative you were relying on to tend bar dipped out?
  • Is no one volunteering to help you out?

You don't need to resign yourself to spending your entire function away from your guests, hard at work.

We maintain an extensive, pre-vetted list of hospitality experts who we keep on retainer.

Thanks to this, we can move extremely quickly. We’ll provide you and your guests with experienced event staff, allowing you to focus on enjoying the event and saving you from having to spend all of your upcoming event working.

We can supply wait and bar staff with little advance warning. Give us a call, and we’ll have a team of experienced event staff en route in no time at all.

Imagine your very own private chef

Imagine your very own private chef

Imagine not worrying about food, or having to deal with creating a menu for your upcoming event.

Well, imagine no more, because that’s exactly what I Need Event Staff can do for you!

Take your upcoming event to the next level with a gourmet menu, tailor-made for you by experienced personal chefs who come from backgrounds in 5-star hotels, Michelin Star restaurants and other high-end hospitality establishments.

A personal chef takes all the work associated with food and catering off your hands.Having your very own event staff can elevate your event - why not take it even further by bringing in your very own private chef?

Learn more about our personal chef services by visiting our sister site, I Need A Chef.

350,000+ shifts covered Australia wide

Just some of our fabulous clients.

We believe we have one of the best call out rates for chefs and kitchen staff in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, yet we remain open to discussing different pricing structures that work for your establishment .

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