Which skills do you need for casual bar work?

casual bar work

With summer fast approaching, the event season will be here before you know it. There’s never been a better time to secure casual bar work. Read on to find out which skills you’ll need to land that job.

You can find casual bar work just about anywhere, such as in bars, pubs, clubs, resorts and at events. Whilst you don’t need any formal qualifications for casual bar work, a Certificate II in Hospitality will provide you with the basic skills to work in a bar. In Australia, you’ll need to be certified with a RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Certificate before you can legally work on licensed premises. You could even do a wine course or attend a cocktail making session at a culinary institute.

Working behind a bar takes more than written knowledge however, you’ll need hands on experience and a wide variety of skills such as:

    • Good personal communication
    • Good personal presentation
    • Good organisation
    • The ability to work in a team
    • The ability to navigate unexpected situations
    • A willingness to learn new things
    • A good sense of responsibility
  • Commitment to customer service

If you have these skills you should have no problem finding casual bar work. There are many ways to find your dream job, such as hospitality websites, in person at an establishment, or through I Need Event Staff. We have all the best industry contacts to help you find casual bar work this summer event season.

Credit: Photos by Filipe de Rodrigues and Crew on Unsplash