Temporary staff vs. Casual. The facts!


Running a business in the hospitality or events industry can be trying at the best of times. Add in the staffing ups and downs, the confusion about temporary and casual, and it can very quickly become overwhelming. Deciding on the appropriate classification of staff is vital.

Do you clearly understand the difference between casual and temporary staff?

Now is the time to get to a firm understanding. Having all the facts means you can work out exactly how many people are required to run your events smoothly, what their roles will be and consequently avoid hiccups.

By understanding the difference between causal and temporary staff, you will prevent your events becoming short staffed time and time again.

One simple step to being ‘event staff savvy’ is to really question who you need and how long you need them for. Hence why understanding the precise differences between a temporary and a casual worker is so crucial for you and your event business.

Casual employees

  • Have no contracted guaranteed hours of work
  • Don’t accrue holiday or sick days
  • May leave at any time
  • Mostly work irregular hours
  • Aren’t always as reliable

 The same benefits are not awarded to Casual employees as they are other employees. Casual staff are not entitled to:

  • Paid annual leave
  • Paid personal/carers leave
  • Redundancy pay
  • Notice upon termination
  • Guaranteed hours of work

Temporary employees are usually hired through an agency and:

  • Are contracted by hospitality agencies like I Need Event Staff who are responsible for the recruitment process, performance and management
  • Quite often are treated like regular employees and attend company meetings and events
  • Hired for a clearly defined period of time
  • Can be sent to you at the last minute, as needed, by the agency
  • Are available with no interview process for you to conduct
  • Have all the training and qualifications they need for the job in hand
  • Have no contract with the event they are working on, just with the agency

The Australian events industry, has a growing need for fast paced, high quality and trustworthy staffing solutions.

This is the reason I Need Event Staff are working with some of the most demanding and highly regarded establishments within the events industry. We are justifiably proud of being able to offer our clients a team of professional, fully qualified, temporary event staff who are not only capable but respectful.

So what’s the difference again?

  • You hire the casual staff, and we hire the temporary staff.
  • Temporary workers are paid hourly and aren’t entitled to earn anything whilst they are on holiday.
  • Casuals are also paid hourly. You don’t pay them when they’re not working, however you have the cost of advertising, interviewing and selecting candidates.
  • Casuals have no fixed length of employment
  • Temporary employees are engaged for a specific period of time either via a fixed term contract or to assist in a particular project which has an end date.
  • When hiring a casual, you are in charge of payroll and everything that goes with it.

250,000+ shifts covered Australia wide by I Need Event Staff

Think you need temporary staff?

In addition to being versed in the needs of our clients, I Need Event Staff are equally dedicated to the welfare and happiness of our employees. Furthermore, prior to being placed, I Need Event Staff conduct stringent interviews screening all applicants to determine they possess the appropriate skill sets applicable to the roles. Ultimately this saves you both time and money. We can have someone with you at very short notice.

More often than not, casual and temporary staff like the flexibility of this kind of event industry work as they are students, travellers or working other jobs in between. Knowing the difference, and understanding what is expected of you is the first step to hiring the right people. If you’re looking for the very best hospitality staff on a temporary basis, we can help you!

Let us help you find the right temporary staff for your business.

Our event staff recruitment services mean that when any of your floor staff leave you in the lurch, you don’t hit the panic button- you call us and say “I Need Event Staff”.

You can read more about casual, part time and full time staffing on the Fairwork Website