The Best of the Beans in Brisbane


Brisbane’s coffee scene is buzzing. There’s no denying it, Australians really love their coffee.

We’re fast becoming certified aficionados when it comes to the good stuff; we know the real thing when we taste it and there’s no way we’re willing to settle for anything less than the absolute best. We like to know where our beans come from, what variety it is and who harvested them. Barista’s really have to know their stuff.

Brisbane’s coffee scene has taken some time to grow, but right now it’s standing tall and this beautiful city is home to some of the greatest cafés and baristas in the business.

‘There’s no documentation of indigenous Australians consuming coffee before colonisation, and the British convicts who were first transported to the Australian colonies in 1788 had tea shipped along with them, not coffee. Espresso culture in Australia grew from cafés owned by Greek and Italian migrants, from small beginnings in the post-war immigration boom of the 1950s and 60s to the nationwide obsession that’s part of the cultural fabric of the country today’ – Pat Nourse – The World’s Best 50.

Brisbane really is full of beans

We’ve researched some of the top café’s in Brisbane, it’s been tough, but we have a great selection for you! Whether you like quirky or cosy, satisfying or stylish, old or new, stand up or sit down, you’re in for a treat!

Bunker – Milton

Did you say “a cafe converted from a real WWII bomb shelter, in Brisbane, and covered in vines?” Yes, we did, and not only that, it has one of the most loyal followings of all Brisbane coffee houses. This may be due to their blend being hailed as ‘the best espresso this side of geekdom’. Aside from the coffee you are guaranteed fresh, home-style food and a wide range of filter and iced coffee and steaming hot chocolate. They also have a coffee cart at the Milton Markets on a Sunday! Speciality coffee and chocolate heaven.

Death Before Decaf – New Farm

Hands up who craves caffeine at 2am! If you do, you’ll be thankful for this 24hr coffee pit stop! Share a spot on the comfy sofas with other night owls, looking for a pick me up.

Reverend’s Fine Coffee – Fortitude Valley

Hallelujah for Reverends who serve up fine coffee, and perfect cappuccinos topped with real chocolate. Not forgetting their heaven-sent house-made toasted Banana and Blueberry Bread.

‘The hero of the space? A serious retro-cum-space-age coffee machine named “Spirit” that welcomes you on arrival’ – Concrete Playground

Ltd Espresso – Fortitude Valley

Ltd Espresso serves up pearls of wisdom and wit alongside a wicked Cleanskin Java. This café is a force to be reckoned with in a Barista’s world. The coffee is great, the guy at the counter is always nice. Love starting the working day with a meeting here” – Talha Baseer

Spring Hill Deli – Spring Hill

Spring Hill Deli is a beauty. If you’re in to locally roasted beans, mouth-watering plates and real choccie on your “large cap to go”, this is where you need to be headed! It goes without saying, this is one of our favourites.

Strauss – City

We love this hidden gem, tucked down a city laneway. The atmosphere is as warm as the coffee, which, incidentally, is its own house-blend. The spiced Cauliflower Fritters are enough to keep us coming back, time and time again!

Campos – Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley’s original laneway cafe, Campos HQ has it all. Style, great coffee and a breakfast worth working up an appetite for.


‘Starbucks has failed to enter the markets in Australia, because Australians didn’t like the poor quality of their coffee and their average customer service. Australians want to drink coffee that actually tastes like coffee’ –Barista Institute


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