Use a Gold Coast Hospitality Agency for Spring Staff


As Spring well and truly hits the Gold Coast,  temporary and seasonal work is readily available. Temporary workers in the hospitality industry are a great solution to relieve the congestion of customers.

Are you concerned about how to manage temporary staff? Do you worry that they may not perform as well if they aren’t permanent fixtures in the team? Have you thought about using a Gold Coast hospitality agency?

 If you’re hiring a temporary employee for your event, kitchen or bar, the right person will acclimate well and adhere swiftly to their surroundings. Staff hired through our Gold Coast hospitality agency will be highly trained and capable to join your team, when and where you need them.

Be Clear

It’s important to be clear about your expectations of temporary staff. Making clear the length of their employment, and being clear from the outset if there is chance for permanent employment. Setting clear guidelines can work in your favour when it comes to productivity.

Always let your Gold Coast hospitality agency know if a particular temporary employee fits the business, so you can re employ them at a later date when needed. Planning ahead like this is a time saver when the need for temporary staff arises in the future.

Training is key

Seasonal or temporary staff from our Gold Coast hospitality agency will always have their essential training in whichever hospitality field they are undertaking. However, we understand that every business is different in the way they operate, so it’s important for you to make sure you have procedures in place to train up temporary staff when they arrive.  Ingredients, equipment, preparation and culture differs from venue to venue, and during a busy service, you don’t want to be weakening the team by taking staff away for essential training. Choose an experienced ‘permanent’ team member to train the temps.

Be Fair

Treating temporary staff differently or as commodities will only encourage poor performance and a drop in standards for you. It’s crucial for team morale that temporary staff are treated the same as your permanent employees. Therefore, giving temporary staff all the shifts nobody wants is not good practice. Staff must be told when they’re doing a great job and they deserve to be rewarded just like full timers. That’s how hospitality runs smoothest. Fairness always wins. Contention between staff members, can create an ugly working environment.

‘Maintain happy staff by providing safe and comfortable work conditions for everyone, permanent and temporary. Train every staff member that comes into your business and be clear on the expectations of the work’ – Gold Coast Hospitality Agency – I Need Event Staff


It’s important for everyone that you establish and follow correct pay rates for each staff member.  Taking the time to confirm ages and the hours staff are legally allowed to work is pivotal. Be sure to check your overseas staff have the legal papers, visa credentials and the right to work in Australia. Our Gold Coast Hospitality Agency can assist with this.

Smoothly does it

Making temporary staff aware of the standards you expect is the easiest way to ensure smooth running of your business. Managing temporary staff can be a challenge. It’s important that you are able to deal with issues straight away and act on mistakes as soon as they arise. By using our Gold Coast hospitality agency you can be sure that your temporary staff are coming from a list of highly trained and dedicated hospitality employees.


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